Saturday, May 30, 2009


Finally received DVD of Caprica from Netflix. Yay!

It was ... OK. I wrote down some notes, although I hope not to give anything away.

Wow, Zoe is a self-righteous brat. I'm not sure that I was supposed to dislike her as much as I did.

I found the technology to be a little confusing. I initially had a hard time understanding what was up with the virtual double and all the "we'll change things".

She's magically healed by friendship!

I find that my reaction to the BSG finale, both personally and some of the criticism I've read, really colors how I see this show. The religious aspect, while always an interesting undercurrent element, was a sledgehammer in that finale, and it looks to be treated quite heavily here too.

We never got to know Adama's wife or daughter, so the question of what may happen with/to them doesn't have a lot of impact on me.

I'm confused about the timeline. William Adama seems too old. Is he 70 in BSG? In real life, he's only 62, which makes him younger at the beginning of the series. But this timeline would have him be 69 in the miniseries. I'm not buying that.

I also had questions about how all this connects to BSG, particularly how the Cylons of Earth connect to this, but the Battlestar Wiki answered some. Still - despite the "all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again," there are really way too many coincidences (like everyone calling them Cylons). But then, I guess part of the point is that there is a larger hand guiding things, so maybe that's the show's reason.

Anyway ... not sold yet. A little worried about RDM's direction, since BSG's finale. We'll see.


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