Friday, May 29, 2009

My week

A few things I've done this week, plus a few other thoughts.

1) ESC - Also known as the unemployment office. The last time I went in person was right after I got laid off from mydailyhealth, and I remembered it being a bit dingy and depressing. Very different this time! Well, still depressing, but the place has clearly been refurbed in the past 7 years, as it was bright and as pleasant as such a place can be. Although I eventually had to wait an hour to be seen, that was partially my fault - I could have made an appointment, but didn't. Then again, there was a guy there who said he'd been waiting for 3 hours, and it seemed like they'd just forgot he was there. 

The upshot of this story is that hopefully they will have corrected the open issue with my account, and I'll start getting compensation again. The website says there are no issues on my claim, and it also looks like I should be getting paid for the weeks I missed, so huzzah!

2) 60,000 mile tune up - Had an appointment on Thursday for 12:30pm to get my car tuned up. The recommended work - which I try to do most times - included fuel filter, transmission flush, and spark plugs. When they took out the spark plugs, they found oil seepage, which is apparently not supposed to be there. So they strongly recommended replacing the valve cover gasket. So we did that too. They showed me the oily spark plugs that they had removed - that's one of the reasons I go back to this specific shop: they've always treated me like an intelligent person, and explained everything they want to do and why. The first time I went there, with my first car, they took me out into the shop to show me what was wrong. Although there have been a few issues; including a sudden major repair I think they should have seen coming, and an electrical problem they could not diagnose, but a different shop found easily; I will continue to go to them first. 

Unfortunately, in this case it took two tries for them to get the part from the local parts place (the guy said he wasn't satisfied with the quality of the first one they sent). Which meant I got to sit in the waiting area for 4 hours. I was hoping they'd have internet ... but no such luck. I read for a while, then walked to the mall for coffee, then walked back in the rain, then read some more, then watch soap operas because the reading + rain was putting me to sleep. It's amazing how exhausting sitting and waiting can be.

3) Hair cut - Seems like I just got it cut, although I thought she didn't take enough off last time. We did color and eyebrows too this time - it was been quite a while for either of those. My hairdresser is pretty awesome, and gave me her "I'm sorry you're still unemployed" discount. In return, I promised to get the color done more frequently if I ever get a job again.

4) Interviews - A good lunch interview on Wednesday, which I need to write up some ideas about and send to the interviewer. Also had a preliminary screening phone interview this morning, for a job I don't think I'd be great at. But I did my best, and tried to answer all her questions cheerfully and thoroughly. I would really like to have a full-time job again.

5) Bonus kitty photo! Zoidberg just loves shoving his face inside my stinky shoes.


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