Friday, June 26, 2009

"Away We Go"

Previews: Funny People, (500) Days of Summer, Julie & Julia, Love Happens, Taking Woodstock
Amazing - trailers for movies (most of which) I'd actually maybe like to see!

I liked "Away We Go" quite a lot. Yes, it had moments of agressively indie quirk, but not too much. And yes, two of the families are over-the-top terrible, but I've known some people who weren't all that far away from those extremes.

Basically, it's the story of two thirty-somethings who don't quite feel like adults, despite the fact that they both have jobs and a baby on the way. They seem a little "under baked" at the beginning - nice enough, generally good people with pleasant natures and a very good relationship, but still kind of waiting for things to start. They consider moving elsewhere - Phoenix, Wisconsin, Montreal, even Miami, sort of - to grow up and start their family (although they never really put it that way).

I think my favorite part was in Wisconsin. Burt, who has spent half the movie being incredibly good natured, flips out at his "cousin" and her attitude about raising a family and her superior attitude and advice. I actually also liked the scene after his job interview, when he visibly psychs himself up before going into the hotel room, not because he wants to lie to Verona or pretend that things aren't what they are, but I think just because that's not the man he wants to be around her. I loved that his character was such a dork, and I loved that he and Verona just fit together so well.

I did, however, spend the entire movie wishing Verona would tie Burt down and cut his hair.


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