Monday, June 01, 2009

What do I do with it now?

I've been working on this cross-stitch project ... nearly forever. Not quite an eternity - I have another project that's 2/3 done that I've been working on for an eternity - but close.

And, actually, it's not quite done yet. When I was doing the backstitching, I noticed that there was one small area missing some stitches; I thought I'd just missed/forgot to do them, but now I can't find the right color thread, so maybe I ran out. I'll get more tomorrow.

I also subbed yellow-gold thread for gold in the backstitching on the panels. There's gold in the border, but it was (1) too difficult to work with and (2) strange looking - very obvious on the panels.

The question now is: What do I do with it? I could frame it, I suppose, but it doesn't really go with any of the other stuff I have on my walls. I think my original plan was to upholster it onto a chair back or something, but it's too delicate for that. I'll probably go with pillow, although I have too many pillows and the colors here don't really go with anything.

If anyone has a desperate need to own it, let me know.

ETA: The actual image size is about 1 foot square, although it appears to be slightly longer than 12" vertically.


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous - if you have no adamant takers, I would love to have it. I have a thing for dragonflies!
    Love ya"

  2. Well, I bought a pillow form so will likely go that direction ... I may bring it next time I visit.