Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving, again

I'm moving this weekend. Crap. It's been a busy month, with my new job and the related trip to California, but it has really snuck up on me.

I really really wish that I could take more time off to pack and start the move, but I don't particularly have that luxury. I'll probably cut out early on Friday, if possible, and start carrying things over then. My plan - and it's likely a misguided one - is to move the majority of my stuff myself this weekend, then have the movers come Monday morning to carry the furniture and other heavy things. I'm just not convinced I'll be done by Monday, or ready for the movers at all.

I moved into this apartment two years ago, and had originally planned to stay for a long time. Here's a post from shortly after the move.

It's a little strange to look at those photos - some things look very different now, while most of the furniture hasn't moved at all.


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