Saturday, September 19, 2009

What I'm watching: Fall 2009 edition

New season starting. I feel like there's less on that I care about watching - maybe that's Leno's fault. I'm not a talk show person generally, and struggle to keep up with ones I like, so Leno is nowhere remotely close to being something I'd watch. Otherwise:

  • "The Amazing Race" - Always a favorite.
  • "Bored to Death" - Giving it a try, anyway.
  • "Mad Men" - Great show. Thinking of dressing like Peggy for Halloween (not that I have anywhere to go)
  • "Brothers & Sisters" - Maybe. I am a bit ambivalent about this show; sometimes I get into it, sometimes it's repetitive and silly (but not in a good way).
  • "How I Met Your Mother" - Another favorite of mine. Gotta love NPH.
  • "House" - Of course.
  • "Heroes" - Online, probably. I've fallen out of love with the show, but I'll probably make the effort. Will try harder for "Chuck" next spring.
  • "Gossip Girl" - Slightly ambivalent, but it's usually fun. I'm not a consistent watcher, but I'll try.
  • "Lie To Me" - I watched last season on Hulu, which is probably how I'll catch this year as well. Yay for Hulu!
  • "Greek" - I usually Tivo one of the repeats later in the week. Love the friendship that's grown between Dale and Cappie and Dale and Calvin.
  • "The Big Bang Theory" - Didn't watch the first season, but heard how great it was last year; I started watching a week or two into the season and have really enjoyed it.
  • "V" - When it starts in November.
  • "Scrubs" - Maybe, when it comes back.
  • "Better off Ted" - Great show. Can't wait for it to return!
  • "The Good Wife" - Have developed great respect for Julianna Margulies, and hear she's very good in this.
  • "Sons of Anarchy" - Not an easy show to watch, and I go hot and cold on it, but it's a good show.
  • "The New Adventures of Old Christine" - Not at the top of my list, but pretty reliably fun.
  • "The Middle" - I've heard positive things, so will give it a shot.
  • "Glee" - Not loving it as much as I'd hoped, but still a lot of fun.
  • "Criminal Minds" - I get addicted to shows like this ... and to this show specifically.
  • "The Modern Family" - Will try to watch online. We'll see.
  • "Top Chef" - Don't love any of the contestants this season, but only started getting Bravo about a year ago, so must watch everything!
  • "Vampire Diaries" - I'm already a week behind ... not sure I'll stick with it.
  • "Flash Forward" - Curious and hopeful for this one.
  • "Bones" - Yay for Hulu. I also find this one easy to watch in large batches.
  • "Parks and Recreation" - Again, Hulu saves the day.
  • "Fringe" - Fell deeply in love with this one (and both Peter and Walter) last season.
  • "The Office" - Can be hit-or-miss, but usually good.
  • "Community" - Not in love, but pretty funny.
  • "30 Rock" - Looking forward to it's return.
  • "The Mentalist" - Entertaining.
  • "Project Runway" - Again, only ever watched it in repeats, so enjoying what I get.
  • "Dollhouse" - Not always amazing, but looking forward to the new season.
  • "Southland" - Enjoyed it last season, hope for good things.
  • "Monk" - Gotta watch the last season, even though it rarely keeps my attention anymore.
  • "Psych" - Don't love it the way I used to.
  • "White Collar" - Will check it out.
  • "Robin Hood" - Saturday at 9pm is pretty much BBC America time; I nearly always watch whatever they are showing.

I suspect I'm forgetting shows, and have deliberately ignored things like the many "Criminal Minds" repeats I watch every week.


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Gotta love NPH :)

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