Saturday, February 06, 2010

Random notes on a Saturday

Since I only seem capable of blogging once a week, here are some random comments from me this week.
  • Last weekend, while snowed in, I started watching "Friday Night Lights"from the beginning on Netflix. I'd heard so much good about the show generally, but ... high school football is really not my thing. A few episodes in, and I started to enjoy it. I've just started season 3 (the last one available). I think mainlining it helped get past some of the more questionable parts of season 2. I'm going to be frustrated when I get to the end of this season and have to wait for season 4.
  • It's snowing again.
  • I've had headaches for half the week; I blame the weather.
  • I really have to start taking the recycling out sooner. I always say that, then wait until it builds up and overflows the basket and I have to make several trips to the car to get it all out.
  • I should do an hour or two of work today, but I don't know if that's going to happen.


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