Saturday, March 06, 2010

Random thoughts about television

  1. Let's admit upfront that I'm watching Spartacus on Starz (via Netflix), because the next two points here relate to it. Unless you have a very high tolerance for nudity, sex, and ridiculously graphic (comic book-style) violence, you do not want to watch this show.
  2. Can someone please tell me the logic of putting the gladiator training ground right next to a giant cliff? Aside from getting to see someone get thrown over it?
  3. On the positive side, can I just say that I love that the injuries on Spartacus don't heal overnight? You can still see the claw marks on his chest from when the main character was in the pits several episodes ago.
  4. In non-Spartacus viewing, I've started watching Supernatural in syndication. It's one of those shows that I was vaguely but not specifically interested in watching, and it was always on opposite something else I preferred. I picked it up about two weeks ago, in the beginning of the second season, and I'm really enjoying it. I don't think I'll watch the new episodes, though - I'm so far behind, I'd just get confused.
  5. I am seven episodes behind on Men of a Certain Age. I think I want to like this show more than I actually do.
  6. I deleted Greek from my season pass list. I have been really bored with this season - and pretty much everything Rusty does lately just makes me cringe.
  7. I was watching a season one episode of Oz last week, and Matt Ross, Alby on Big Love, showed up as a guard. It's so weird seeing actors who I've come to know in one thing show up in tiny parts in other shows. It's happened a lot with Aldis Hodge, who I love as Hardison on Leverage. He's shown up in both Friday Night Lights and Supernatural - he wasn't a very nice guy in either, which is, again, so unlike the character I'm used to him playing.
  8. I am enjoying Caprica. I'm trying - and mostly succeeding - at separating it from Battlestar Galactica in my head, but my unhappiness with the end of BSG makes me fear for where the show will ultimately go. But yay for James Marsters.
  9. Not sure about watching the Oscars tomorrow.
  10. I am now six episodes behind on Men of a Certain Age.

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  1. We really like men of a certain age. for you, it may be age related (your uncertainty). I never really loved ray romano, but love scott bakula. I think they did a good job for a freshman series.