Saturday, June 26, 2010

The heat

I was going to take photos of the plants on my patio that are dying - specifically the snapdragons and lemon thyme. I don't water them as frequently as I should, and it has been 95° - 100° F all week, and these seem to be the most sensitive.

But then the cameraphone didn't want to work, and I cut off most of the dead bits, and it no longer seemed worth it. Let's just say that the snapdragon is 99% dead and the thyme 80%.

I am amazed by the thyme, however. Even though it's mostly a big mass of great-smelling-but-dried-out tendrils, there are a few green ones here and there. I actually planted it last year in a different pot, left it out all winter without water, and then was startled to find it coming back this spring. So I think if I start paying it just a little more attention, it'll survive.

The Carolina jessamine, however, is clearly made for this weather. It has grown a ton, and I'm trying to keep the vines wrapped around the railing with mixed success. It doesn't help that the nearby trees keep trying to encroach, and the vines sometimes reach out to the branches. I wish it would bloom again, though.

In non-plant news, today I think I'll buy a folding table to put in my kitchen, and give the room a complete and thorough cleaning. I'm not a good housekeeper, and tend to just keep things good enough, but every so often I just want to scrub everything down.

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  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Hot here too. Don't forget to save the dried out thyme to use as seasoning. It's a hardy plant and probably will respond to water and a bit of shade. Along with basil, it's my favorite. Love ya'