Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good weekend for TV

On Friday, watched Friday Night Lights after a week off. Marathoned the first few seasons last year, and have really come to enjoy the show.

Saturday, the finale of series five of Doctor Who. I've had slightly mixed feelings about this season, but thought it was good overall. I very much liked the way that elements from the finale were sprinkled throughout the season, and the call-backs at the beginning of "The Pandorica Opens" were great. I adapted to the new Doctor very quickly; despite my initial misgivings, Matt Smith was a terrific choice for the roll. I'm mixed on Amy - Karen Gillan is good, and I like that Amy is curious and capable of taking care of herself, but sometimes she gets too aggressive about things in a way that bugs me. Rory grew on me fast, and I was happy with where his storyline ultimately went. Another giant reset button, but liked the ending anyway.

Then, series two of Being Human. A show with potential, that I'm still waiting for it to live up to. Looks to be going in some interesting directions, though.

Tonight, of course, there's True Blood followed by the premiere of Mad Men, plus Tivoing Leverage. So excited about Mad Men - accidentally spoiled myself just slightly, but probably not enough to make any difference.


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