Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More brief thoughts on "Inception"

Minor conceptual spoilers here, I guess.

I've been doing more thinking about "Inception" and reading some great criticism (including this very interesting look at the film as an allegory for movies themselves (warning: major spoilers there)). A lot of these pieces bring up elements I really didn't notice or consider at the time, and I love getting someone else's view, whether I agree or not.

One comparison that occurred to me -- looking at the movie from a non-allegorical perspective -- that I haven't seen anyone else make (which is not to say that no one else has, just that I haven't read it) is with the UK version of Life on Mars. That show is also about the intersection between reality and dreams, and the very serious question of which reality is real, and ultimately, if it matters. And like "Inception," it comes to an end which is strongly debatable. These questions in Life on Mars have been, in my opinion, too much answered by the show's spin-off, Ashes to Ashes, but if we ignore that, I think there's a very strong parallel between the endings.


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