Monday, July 05, 2010

Random thoughts on the "Mad Men" pilot

AMC is showing a Mad Men marathon tonight, starting with the pilot. I've seen it several times, but I thought I'd share some random thoughts because it seems to be that kind of week.
  1. I really didn't care for the pilot the first time I watched it. Half way through the first season, AMC ran a marathon of the first six episodes and I stumbled into episode two or three and was immediately pulled in. I've since watched the pilot again, obviously, but still find parts of it difficult.
  2. Everyone looks so young. Pete looks like he's 12.
  3. Paul looks weird without the beard.
  4. However you feel about Peggy's story throughout the first season, they did a really good job with her transformation. I forgot how thin she is in the pilot.
  5. Listening to the boys talk about Peggy in the elevator is so strange. Since we don't know them yet, and they don't know her, it has always seemed very brash. But looking at it after spending three seasons with these people, and knowing the characters so much better, it seems twice as harsh.
  6. That said, the boys aren't that far off from the characters we get to know. Pete's a bit more blunt, Ken is more aggressive rather than confident, and Harry isn't quite so submissive as he becomes, but Paul and Salvatore aren't far off.
  7. I forget how much I disliked Pete in the first season. He does so much growing up - he's not a great guy even in the third season, but despite his flaws, he's become one of my favorite characters. I would not have guessed that after the pilot.
  8. I do like Pete and Peggy together - better on equal footing down the road, and I don't think the romantic aspect should or will come back, but I like the complexity of their history.
  9. This music is so lively!
  10. Wow, Don is really cynical. And even in the pilot, he's trying to run away.


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