Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday marathon: Wire in the Blood

This Sunday, as I lazed around doing very little, I watched way more episodes of the UK TV series "Wire in the Blood" than can be good for anyone.
  1. Last half of "Wounded Surgeon" part 4 of series 4
  2. "Colour of Amber" part 1
  3. "Nocebo" part 2
  4. "Names of Angels" part 3
  5. "Anything You Can Do" part 4 of series 5
  6. "Unnatural Vices" part 1 of series 6
That's a solid eight hours of serial killers and psychology. While I like the show (obviously), I love the books. These are all Alex Fielding episodes; I love Tony's relationship with Carol, so although I grew to be OK with Alex, she's just not the same.


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