Saturday, October 02, 2010

Vampire book-o-rama #3: Bite Me: A Love Story

Technically, this shouldn't count in the book-o-rama - it's not on the list for the end of the month. It is a vampire book, however, so I'm putting it on my list.

Book three in the series about Jody and Tommy, with nearly all of the characters from the previous books returning. Funny, as all of Christopher Moore's books are. I'd just finished A Dirty Job by the same author and with some slight overlap in characters - Lily is a major character in that book; she mentioned as a friend of Abby's in this one. Police detective Rivera is also in both. I'd actually hoped that we'd get some insight into the changes that happen with Rivera at the end of A Dirty Job, but then I realized/remembered that that book takes place over like five years while the entire vampire trilogy happens over only a few weeks/months.

Now, though, I think I need to read Fluke.


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