Monday, December 06, 2010

... and now ...

New TV and Tivo on the way.

Not sure why the impulse to buy tonight. I think my head did the math and I realized that if I didn't get both soon, I really would have to wait until January because I wouldn't be around for delivery. Plus, I'll need to call the cable company to have them install the CableCard (thanks for telling me about your whole experience, Tina!), and who knows how long that will take.

I'm also a little concerned that some of the prices I was seeing might not stay low. I'm excited about the TV - it's 42 inches, and has analog audio output so I should be able to hook up my stereo like it is now. The ratings for the TV were good too; when I was looking it up online to see what the general feedback was, I actually found a lower price, so yay for that too! Most of the reviews I read said that while this model isn't perfect, it is extremely nice for the relatively low price.

Stay tuned for more updates, including me complaining about my old TV!


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