Monday, December 13, 2010


It's been a quiet week here on the blog. Mostly it has to do with the amount of work I've been putting in -- I've worked 8 days in a row so far, without an end in sight! OK, not true - I go on vacation in just over a week, when my "work" will consist of checking my email once a day (and hopefully nothing more).

Tivo came. Cable guy comes tomorrow morning to set up the CableCard. Am loving the Tivo Premiere, so looking forward to having all the channels back again. Hopefully, the new TV comes in the next day or two (or I will be quite upset ... we're on day 5 of the 6-9 day estimate). New pet sitter also comes tomorrow to visit with Zoid, who's curled up beside me in bed.

My back is killing me. I sat on the floor for 1.5 hours tonight, signing Christmas cards and assembling packages.

And now to sleep.


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