Thursday, March 03, 2011

Where, oh where have I gone?

Obviously, it's been ages since I've updated the blog. I'd like to say that's because there's so much exciting going on in my life that there has been no time. In fact, pretty much the opposite is true. When there's not much going on, there's not much to write about either. I have a friend visiting from out of town next month, so I'm sure lots of updates and photos will follow.

And as anyone who really knows me knows, when I'm bored, my mind can quickly find ways to obsess. Most of my obsessions tend to be pop culture related, often having to do with actors or directors or writers. I've become focused on needing to see every movie a particular actor has been in. I once spent ages tracking down an out of print book that the writer herself withdrew from publication so that I could say I'd read every book in a series.

For at least six weeks now, my obsession has been foreign soap operas. The joke at trivia is that all I do is watch German soaps, but there have only been three from Germany, only two of which I'm still watching (one of which I completely forgot about!). I have watched four from England (two or three still watching), one from Wales, one from the Netherlands (still watching), and one from Argentina, plus a drama series from Ireland, one from the UK, and one from Spain. And those aren't including the one older US soap I watched briefly.

YouTube is both wonderful and terrible thing, and I've been able to watch several years' worth of story lines from some of these shows. I'm not watching them all complete; the non-English ones especially usually just have specific story lines subtitled and available, and that's fine. Some stories I get tired of quickly, or end, and the show drops off my radar. There are only four that I'm really following right now and which I look forward to clips from every day, and one of those is in a bit of a down period right now.

The thing is, we're talking hours and hours of clips, even when that doesn't include entire episodes. I spent something like six hours one day doing nothing but catching up one just one show. I watch on in the morning before work, during lunch, on my too often breaks, in the brief window between work and nightly TV, during the commercials at night, and then before I go to sleep. When I run out of old episodes of one show, I find another.

This obsession is slowly burning itself out now, I think. I'm still watching back episodes of one show, but I'm not so entirely compelled by the story that I'm staying up all night to watch it. I'm re-watching selected clips from another show, but skipping all the angst and sadness that was so hard to go through the first time -- only happy people falling in love! And I don't think I'm going to look for anything new to replace those I have now.

Part of it is the frank acknowledgment that I really need to be spending my time on other things. I wasn't able to finish last month's book club book, and this months is coming up soon and I've barely started. I'm not working as much as I could/should be. I have multiple back episodes of TV shows that I just haven't gotten around to watching. I really just need to move on.

(I should note that, in addition to being obsessed with other things, I also can't really update my blog via the iPad. Since I do most of my web browsing with that computer, I'm less inclined to use this, my netbook to update it.)

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  1. OMG... I am a blog floater and love other people stories and once in awhile I say - I wish I wish. In your case I wish to know what brand of coffee you drink because holly heck you put the energy bunny to shame. I love it! Keep blogging - you have fans..