Monday, October 03, 2011


So, I'm trying to buy a new car and it's putting me into somewhat of a state of panic.

I put off doing anything more than looking and dreaming for months. I know that I really need (and want) a new car, but two things are freaking me out:

1. My job. I'm technically self-employed, and if I lose my job, get no unemployment. Any major purchases kinda terrify me because what do I do if I lose my job?

2. Related to this, I'm freaked that I won't be able to get a decent interest rate on a loan, or won't be able to get approved for much because I am self-employed. I do have more than 2 years with the same company, however, and just signed a third, one-year contract, so that's in my favor.

I finally got off the fence yesterday, went to actually look at the car I want in person, and then applied for financing online. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. exciting and scary at the same time, huh?