Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ranbling about soaps

You can skip this entry -- I doubt that you're interested.


I'm sure that no one is all that interested, but we're entering another dark period in my soaps, I think.
  • Christian is about to disappear for months on Verbotene Liebe.
  • Lucas is abruptly in "love" with Bilal on Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, even though they barely know and don't seem to actually like each other at all.
  • Although Christian and Syed are supposedly getting married in 3 weeks on Eastenders, they're both leaving the show in November and we have to go through a cheating storyline first.
  • Salatut Elämät is deep in the middle of a love triangle between Elias, Lari, and Ida, with the spoilers suggesting very bad things.
  • No updates for Hotel Cæsar in a week, but spoilers suggest that that Måne and Stellan have/will break up and Måne ends up sleeping with some woman.
  • The Will/Sonny story on Days of Our Lives is picking up and I'm relatively happy, but all of the spoilers that I read for nearly every other character (since this is one of the few shows that I watch all of) leave me deeply unimpressed. I hate Sami/Rafe and do not understand why they're going there again. Jennifer has become a horrible character and while I liked her with Dan on the first go-around, her husband/love of her life Jack *just* died (OK, again, but still). Nicole has been going in circles and the spoilers for her are horrible. Aside from Will and Sonny, I'm intrigued by Nick (who I missed on his first stint) and actually kinda like him with Gabbi (who I have little patience for as the "bad girl").
  • Hollyoaks has been very good, what with Later being all horribly dark and violent and emotional. But, since I refuse to take a side in the Brendan/Ste/Doug triangle, I have to avoid all discussion forums about the show (Stendan vs. Stug is an ugly and frequently hypocritical war). In the end, I'm pretty confident that Doug's unrelenting jealousy and low opinion of himself will drive Ste back into Brendan's arms, especially after Walker sticks his neck in. I was sure that Ste and Doug would break up during the regular show last week, but they ended up engaged, so maybe I'm not quite as ahead on this storyline as I thought, but I still think they'll break up soon, Ste will get back with Brendan, Brendan will die, then Ste will end up with Doug in the end. Brendan is *very* clearly headed toward a big, dramatic exit and I'd be shocked if the show didn't want to reconcile him and Ste before the end. But if BB is gone, they need to keep Ste with someone and -- short of introducing yet more gay characters (the show currently has 4 gay male characters and 3 lesbians, if I'm counting correctly) -- Doug is the obvious choice. It's also quite clear that Ste will never really, truly be over Brendan and that, as long as his ex is still around, he'll never have a completely healthy relationship with anyone else. In this equation, a solid chunk of Ste's heart will always be with Brendan, even as his head tells him that that relationship is made up of mostly pain and misery; his head is telling him to stick with Doug, who might be less exciting, but who is also much less likely to break a rib or kill someone. (Except, you know, Charlotte. And he didn't kill her, he just gave her drugs. And she didn't actually die after jumping off the archway, just got paralyzed. (or maybe she did?) Totally different.)
OK, I think that's all that I'm watching. And, as I said, I have to avoid the discussion forums for most of them because it's 99% people complaining that the show now sucks, people talking about how much they hate Brendan, or people talking about how much they hate Doug (or, more often, how much they hate Doug with Ste rather than pure Doug hate). But I like to talk about my shows and Rob and Tina are so patient with me...


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