Saturday, January 26, 2013


I am an admitted regular viewer of "Glee," although I am painfully aware of its many shortcomings. It is, arguably, about losers and outsiders who help each other find the value within themselves and stand up to the bullies who would keep them feeling worthless.

So it angers me greatly when the show itself is a bully.

If you haven't heard about the controversy, the most recent episode featured a version of "Baby Got Back" that is clearly ripped off from the cover version created by Jonathan Coulton. Coulton is a favorite musician of mine, and although "Glee" has been criticized for using the cover versions of other musicians in the past without asking or paying or even crediting the artist, this one has my attention.

You can read all about it here (and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and...)

I'm asking the people I know who support independent musicians and/or who want to stand up to bullies who don't bother to even credit the people who do the work to buy this version: Baby Got Back (In the Style of Glee). It's only $0.99 and all profits go to charity.

Let's help turn this into something good.


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