Thursday, March 07, 2013

Moving (again!)

On Tuesday morning, I go into the apartment complex office and say, "Hey -- I'm earning less money and my apartment is too expensive. What can we do about that? Can I move to a smaller, cheaper apartment?" And the manager said, "Let me get your file. Wow -- You've live here forever. You can have whatever you want. Here are the three apartments we have available right now. If you move in this weekend, they're cheaper, and the rent you've paid for this month will roll over and cover it."

So I'm moving this weekend.


I've done a decent amount of packing, but instead of doing most of it on Saturday, my guy friend with the furniture dolly is really only around on Friday night. So that's when we'll be moving the majority of the big, heavy stuff. That means that I do have all/most of Saturday to move the smaller things and curtains and the like, then just vacuum and finish filling those last holes on Sunday.


I have boxes and boxes and boxes of books. I've decided, once I move, to start getting rid of them. Ideally, I would have done it earlier, but there's no time. But I won't be moving so many boxes of books again. It's very hard, however -- I love owning books. I don't need them all, however, and I just really, really need to downsize. Someday, I'd love to have a big library and places to put them all, but as long as I'm not in a permanent place, it's so impractical.


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