Sunday, November 10, 2013

CWE: Alien 3 (1992 -- 2003 Special Edition)

Another "live" blog!
  • If I remember correctly, this is the least liked of the four. I remember not hating it the first (only?) time I watched it.
  • I do hate that everyone (except Ripley) gets killed at the beginning.
  • Space special effects still look cheesy.
  • Maybe the reason that I have affection for this movie is because of my deep love for Charles Dance. Sure, everyone loves him now that he's Tywin in "Game of Thrones," but he's been a favorite of mine since I stumbled on the miniseries "First Born." Loved that series. Interestingly, since I'm sure that I saw that before I saw this movie, and they were released only 4 years apart, I must have seen "First Born" not long at all after it was made. Of course, I'm sure that I didn't see "Alien3 in the theater, so...
  • I'm watching the 2003 "Assembly Cut" version, which is apparently quite different from the theatrical version (which is probably the one I saw). For better or worse...?
  • Distracted reading the Wikipedia entry on the film.
  • Closed my eyes when guy got shredded by the fan.
  • Wandered off to make dinner. Came back to Ripley finding Bishop's remains.
  • Wow, there's a lot of blood in this one.
  • Oh, I'm so easily distracted.
  • Now I'm reading graphic novels ... there's an alien in one of them ...
  • This must be one of the scenes that was restored because man that effect looks fake.
  • Wow, this movie is long.
  • Giant video camera!
  • I'm counting this as watched even though I wasn't really paying much attention.


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