Thursday, November 28, 2013

CWE: Alien Resurrection (1997 -- 2003 special edition)

Happy Thanksgiving! I've tried to watch multiple things today (and spent most of the day watching "Supernatural" and "Veronica Mars" episodes with Mark), and nothing's sticking, so let's just finish out the "Alien" movies...
  • Special edition again because that's the way I seem to go.
  • Cute French director intro.
  • After watching the last movie, I read a bunch of Stormwatch comics (and some The Authority), including the one with the aliens. Convenient way to kill a bunch of characters (although I think only a couple actually die, really).
  • Dude in the intro is disgusting.
  • These opening credits are too long.
  • Written by Joss Whedon, who I love (of course), although I hear he doesn't like this movie (something about him thinking all the actors said his lines wrong).
  • Poor replicated Ripley.
  • I shouldn't buy this wine again. It's cheap and tastes it (although I've had worse).
  • More awful people.
  • Oops. Found out that an author whose work I really enjoy just released a new book! $3.99 on Kindle! Which means that I'd far rather be reading than watching this. Will try to restrain myself.
  • Yeah, I'm reading and watching at the same time. Not the best way to have interesting things to say about the movie.
  • Mutant Ripley clones!
  • There's a bit too much celebratory music in this one. The music overall is too much.
  • Ripley sucked down into the writhing mother alien. So weird.
  • Alien through the head things was nasty.
  • Human-alien hybrid is ugly. And the weird mommy moments are weird.
  • Blech, monster sucked through a little hole.
  • Suddenly got a very strong, very weird "Firefly" vibe from this movie. Leaving aside that it occured to me that Ron Perlman was playing the Adam Baldwin role much earlier.
  • Oh, it's over. And I'm 1/2 through the book (it's a short one and I read ebooks very fast). No really strong feelings, probably because I wasn't paying enough attention (again).


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