Saturday, December 07, 2013

CWE: "Before Sunrise" (1995)

Let me say upfront that "Before Sunset" is next on the list, but "Before Midnight" is not, because I don't have it. I have seen it, however. And yes, I would have watched them chronologically, not alphabetically...

Should I be including descriptions before the movies? Here ya go: A young American man and a young French woman meet on a train to Vienna. They spend the time before his flight at 9 am the next day walking around the city and talking (and falling in love).

  • I don't remember when I first saw this. It came out when I was in college, but I think I saw it first on DVD. I have always loved the series, however, and was so happy when the new one came out.
  • Oh, they're so young. It's weird watching this and knowing how the story develops years and years later.
  • They both talk a lot and about related things ... but so often, it's like they aren't really listening or hearing each other. Especially him. The whole series is two people talking about each other endlessly and almost never quite really communicating. They're almost always telling their own stories rather than necessarily trying to understand each other. But, of course, the movie just started.
  • Wow, I never noticed the giant hole in the seam of his sweater.
  • Heh, talking about when their older with kids...
  • Folding laundry so less typing
  • I'm always slightly sad that they missed the play about the cow.
  • Hmm. It's interesting how they talk about the problems of couples who've been together for a long time ... and then to think about their interactions in the third movie, 20 years after this one.


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