Sunday, January 05, 2014

CWE: "Before Sunset" (2004)

Summary: Nine years after meeting on the train to Vienna, Jesse and Celine meet again in Paris, where Jesse is promoting his new book.
  • Wow, Jesse likes to talk. I'm seriously questioning him describing the entire outline of his theoretical next book.
  • The first lie -- that Jesse didn't show up in Vienna.
  • They really just fall back into old patterns, don't they? Slide into comfortable arguments/discussions.
  • Jesse looks old. And far too thin.
  • Now they argue about whether or not they had sex.
  • They also really overshare. People have a tendency to overshare with me, oddly enough, but I don't think I'd ever tell someone the stuff these two tell each other. Maybe it's also that I know what it feels like when people tell you far too much so I try to avoid doing that to people until I know them pretty well.
  • ... and now we talk about relationships (he's married with a kid, she's in a serious relationship)
  • Julie Delpy is very beautiful. She's one of those people who seems to get better looking with age.
  • Keep getting distracted. Copying videos from my (mostly full) hard drive to another computer.
  • OK, we've moved on from how they're both is great relationships to how incredibly unhappy they both are.
  • .. and Celine sings. And Jesse misses his flight.
  • Actually there's more after she sings. I'd remembered it ending about there. (It does end not long after, with Celine dancing.)


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