Saturday, January 11, 2014

CWE: "Brick" (2005)

So, we come to the first of very, very few movies in my collection that I've never actually watched. A small portion of the reason for doing this project is to actually get me to sit down and watch them, so it's already a success! I heard good things about this movie, then found the DVD for really, really cheap somewhere and ... well, just never got around to it.

Think I forgot to mention that I skipped "Black Books" (series 1 & 2) and "Bleak House" (Masterpiece adaptation). Probably should have watched "Bleak House" for this project, since I'll likely include some other TV movies, and I think it's under the 6-hour time limit that I set for myself, but then again, it's a DVD that I burned myself so we'll count it out on a technicality.

Summary: I know it's a noir mystery set in a high school (I think). And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it, along with a number of other familiar faces.
  • I'm in the middle of a "Veronica Mars" rewatch, so the "high school noir murder mystery" seems to be a theme today. And after this, I'll finish reading my book club book ... which is also a murder mystery. But not set in high school.
  • Is it wrong to really want the dead girl's shoes?
  • Nice touch on how worn JGL's shoes are. Why is it all about shoes with me?
  • Had to turn the subtitles on. People are talking really fast and I keep turning it up to try to hear and it's not working. The dialogue is somewhat stylized (it is noir) and I'm not following well.
  • Interesting music choices. Almost light and jaunty while JGL (Brendan!) is searching the dressing room.
  • Do people really have money and throw ridiculous costume parties like this? In high school? Actually, probably not. It's all part of the genre.
  • Ah, that is Emilie de Ravin.
  • Not a big fan of violence, but I appreciate that Brendan can fight.
  • This is all a very interesting take on the genre. I've seen enough classic film to recognize the tropes and imagery and it keeps popping up in interesting ways here.
  • Rian Johnson is a talented director. This is his first full-length film and it's really well done. The imagery is terrific.
  • Wow, that guy (I think it's Tugger) just keeps hitting him.
  • And we meet The Pin.
  • Ha! I like the table lamp in the van.
  • Not to be rude, but dude's about to cough up a lung. Not someone that I would want to kiss.
  • Man, there are fingerprints on everything -- the gun, the car. Wipe off your prints!!
  • Hmm. That was good. A little "let me explain everything" at the end, but it was probably necessary to some degree.


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