Sunday, January 19, 2014

CWE: "Brokeback Mountain" (2005)

Summary: Two young men fall in love in 1963 while herding sheep and have a secret relationship over many years.
  • Saw this with JP at the Rialto in Raleigh shortly after it came out. Tina was convinced that she was going to come too, but she'd just had a baby and all...
  • This is a beautifully filmed movie.
  • Yeah, I'm mostly just watching without anything much to say.
  • Also, like least romantic sex scene ever. Second one is much nicer.
  • Oh, boys. Talking (and fighting) around the issue.
  • Ennis and Alma being all happy.
  • I've always really liked Anne Hathaway in this.
  • Poor Alma.
  • ... and that marriage is done.
  • Jack actually kind of breaks my heart in this. He wants so much more and Ennis just can't/won't give it to him. And Jack keeps trying, again and again, and he's never going to get what he needs.
  • It's sometimes difficult to watch this movie without letting a modern attitude affect my reactions to the characters and their actions/reactions. Alva's comments are just awful (although Ennis's violent reaction is horrible), but she's also so full of hurt and anger and beliefs that are very much of their day.
  • Oh, I can't not cry watching the last 30 minutes or so. Gah.


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