Saturday, February 01, 2014

CWE: "Camp" (2003)

Summary: A bunch of teens attend a summer musical camp for young performers.
  • Lots of singing! Lots of drama!
  • I always ventures onto IMDB whenever I write one of these and end up finding out interesting things. I didn't know that Daniel Letterle (Vlad) apparently quit acting after "The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green."
  • Anna Kendrick!
  • I remember Vlad being kind of an ass in this, but a generally well meaning one.
  • Ah yes, half the plot is about this washed up Broadway songwriter rediscovering his love for the theater by working with the kids.
  • Eyes, eyes, nostrils! Silent scream!
  • "A guy like you could really get lucky in a place like this." Does anyone (except the washed up Broadway songwriter (and the horrible director)) not have a crush on Vlad?
  • Anna Kendrick is so good in this. She's so incredibly moves from Jill's hanger-on to terrifyingly dominant force.
  • "I've been watching you in the chorus. You're a terrifying little girl."
  • The little boy dressed in drag as an old woman is so adorable.
  • And then we all get together and sing.
  • Oh Vlad. He just really, really, really wants everyone to like him. And really, really, really likes it when everyone wants him.
  • Oh, the story of the girl with her jaw wired shut (Jenna? I think?) is so incredibly painful. (And yes, it's Jenna.)
  • Still a really enjoyable movie.


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