Sunday, February 16, 2014

CWE: "Colour Blind" (1998)

Summary: Life for the McQueen family is turned upside down when daughter Bridget comes home with a black husband. Set in the working class English town of South Shields in 1915 and the 1930s.
  • More Catherine Cookson! This story isn't one of my favorites.
  • I'm working on a craft project while I watch, so probably not a lot of notes unless something stands out.
  • While I'm fully well aware that racism isn't a uniquely American issue, it's always interesting to see a non-US take on it.
  • Oh, Jimmy killed evil Matt. And apparently not evil dude with the limp clearly has a crush on Bridget.
  • Wait -- Matt's not dead. Too bad.
  • Poor Rose Angela. Still, a surprisingly nice priest.
  • Ah, guy with a limp (Tony!) has come into some money.
  • Undead Matt, as horrible as ever.
  • Tony's a good guy, even if he is in love with a married woman.
  • OK, it's 1935.
  • Look, a spoiled rich guy trying to take advantage of his female staff. That's very, very common in Cookson's stories. And a female family member who ignores the problem/blames the woman.
  • Ah, yes, so her family more or less assumes that Rose Angela did something to make the guy try to rape her. Sigh.
  • More racism, now from Bridget. Only about "Arabs" rather than black people. There's always an "other."
  • Rosie gets her job with the artist.
  • And Rose Angela finds her dad again. Just in time for him to get sick and die.
  • Sigh. Her mother always assumes the worst.
  • The different threads of racism in this show are really interesting. Bridget's family is horrified that James is black, and Rose Angela is routinely teased, insulted and casually discriminated against for being biracial. But Bridget warns her daughter repeatedly about the "Arabs" in the part of town where she works, and she's furious when she finds out that Rosie met with an Arab and entered the house where he lives. And Michael (the artist) is friendly to Rosie, eager to paint the homeless men and James, but also is blatantly prejudiced against the Arabs and is shocked when he sees her with Hassan.
  • Gah, Matt is such an awful person.
  • Everyone is always ready to assume the worst of Rose Angela. It's very painful.
  • "No man would want to be your friend." Sigh.
  • I hate the demanding, "I can make you love me" attitude. And I hate that Rose Angela suggests that she could try to love Hassan when it's been clear from the start that she's not interested. The "if I push hard enough, she'll change her mind" attitude is so not acceptable.
  • So now that the white woman supports her story, Michael believes Rosie. Sigh.
  • I'm glad that Rose Angela calls Michael on his racism. But I still deeply dislike the "he loves me and it's easier" attitude about Hassan. The sexism on display by all of the men in this show is so very frustrating.
  • Oh good, Matt's finally dead.
  • Bridget and James get a few moments together before he dies, which is nice.
  • The ending is a bit abrupt. I guess Rose and Michael get married. I guess Bridget and Tony do after James dies. Is Hassan punished for stabbing Matt? Does he just accept that Rose Angela is marrying Michael? Too  many questions.


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