Monday, March 03, 2014

CWE: "Dogma" (1999)

Summary: Two renegade angels try to re-enter heaven, an act that would unravel the universe. An abortion clinic worker and others try to stop them and save the world.
  • It's been a really long time since I've watched this one, which seems a bit odd because I really liked it.
  • I bought JP a Buddy Christ figurine years ago.
  • I really like Matt Damon in this. Loki is an ass, though.
  • Hee ... "Grant Hicks"
  • So many familiar faces in the background.
  • "Let's do the next best thing." "What's that?" "Kill people." [woman spits] "Oh, not you."
  • I genuinely don't know how to express my affection for Jason Lee at this stage in his career. I'm not sure that I have a good reason for it either.
  • Yay for Alan Rickman! If I remember rightly, he hurt his back badly on this movie. He's so snarky.
  • And Jay & Silent Bob show up to pummel the Stygian Triplets.
  •  Hee! Chris Rock falls out of the sky.
  • I like how Bethany hides her coat when Rufus asks to borrow Silent Bob's.
  • Dwight Ewell! I forgot that he was in this one, which is kinda silly because (much like "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back") everyone is in this one.
  • Ah, the boardroom full of stuntmen.
  • Poop monster! The animation was pretty good, but the practical effects ... really are not. Let's keep it all off screen! Man, all the fight scenes are off screen...
  • Here's the thing: I think Kevin Smith is an interesting writer. I don't think he's a particularly good director, although he's serviceable (most of his movies include a really good scene or two, though). However, I also think that Smith is typically the best director for what he writes.
  • I feel like I've had a very different experience with religion than the characters in this movie.
  • Not liking the repeated "Is Jay gay?" jokes.
  • Not loving the slo-mo throwing of the train, either. Although Silent Bob to the rescue!
  • Hmm. Don't so much buy the breakdown in the water.
  • I keep alternately getting distracted or just watching the movie.
  • Why would you ask people to leave the hospital due to the apocalypse?
  • And Ben Affleck explodes.
  • God beeps your nose.


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