Saturday, April 26, 2014

CWE: "Army of Darkness" (1992 - Director's Cut)

Summary: Having traveled back in time at the end of "Evil Dead II," Ash finds himself facing an army of Deadites.
  • Or, as the movie itself titles it, "Bruce Campbell Vs. Army of Darkness." Yes, out of order alphabetically, but not chronologically.
  • My friend Eric introduced this movie to me in college. At the time, I think that I thought that it was a few years old. But since I started college in the fall of 1992 -- the same year this came out -- and met Eric in 1993, it must have been very recent.
  • This was actually the first of the movies that I watched! And it's not rated X!
  • Yet another Linda!
  • So we're rewritten the end of "Evil Dead II" so he doesn't shoot the flying demon and isn't immediately worshiped. Hmm.
  • Odd to think that all of this is supposed to have happened over the course of a few days.
  • Ash just gets snarkier and more irritable with each movie. Which I guess makes sense.
  • First fountain of blood!
  • Much silliness in this movie.
  • Arthur's really a dick, isn't he.
  • Boomstick!
  • New hand! Groovy.
  • Ash is pretty jerky here too. Plus, again, didn't Linda "die" in his timeline like a few days ago? And now he's sleeping with random girl?
  • I think I'm probably not in the right mood for this movie, to be honest, but I feel like these DVDs have been sitting over my head, waiting to be done. There are a few later alphabetically that I really want to watch, so while I love most of the movies that I own, it does feel like a requirement sometimes.
  • They really like that motorcycle-through-the-trees shot, don't they?
  • OK, totally distracted for a few minutes. Now Ash is in yet another cabin, this time with a bunch of evil little versions of himself.
  • I want to say that so much of this movie makes no sense. Drinking boiling water would not kill a living thing in your stomach and not hurt the rest of you. But then I remember what I'm watching...
  • Yeah, I've mostly been reading and not paying attention to the movie at this point. Fighting dead things, Ash generally being somehow both awesome and a full-on idiot at the same time, etc., etc.
  • I don't think that I ever saw the apocalypse ending ... just the S-Mart one.


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