Saturday, April 05, 2014

CWE: "The Evil Dead" (1981)

Summary: A group of college students spends the weekend at a cabin in the woods, where they awaken something evil.
  • Honestly did not know that there was a "the" in the title. Huh.
  • Pretty sure that I saw "Army of Darkness" (which will be coming up, alphabetical order be damned) first, which clues you in real fast as to who the hero of the story is. I read somewhere that it was deliberately set up that the hero wasn't the main, "sexy" lead guy, but the dorky brother instead. Since Bruce Campbell is the most famous of the group, though... and I can't seem to find that quote now...
  • Did not know that this is rated NC-17. The gore is pretty over the top. And the vines in the woods are quite awful.
  • I usually watch this DVD with Bruce Campbell's commentary, so it's weird with it off.
  • This is all kinda Ash's fault, isn't it? He's the one who started playing the tape.
  • Here is my confession: Despite owning all three of these movies -- and a few other in the genre -- I really don't like horror movies. I have no stomach for gore and violence. Honestly, with this series, the blood is so fake and so over the top that it doesn't bother me.
  • And Ash just stands there with the axe.
  • So, one way to look at this is as a guy who goes to spend the weekend with his friends but has a mental breakdown, believes that they've all been possessed, then murders them one by one.
  • Chainsaw!
  • Your pants are a little short there, Ash. Oh 1980.
  • A lot of nice POV camera work in this. 
  • Maybe you want to bury the bodies a little deeper next time, Ash.
  • Boomstick!
  • It really does quickly become "let's do awful things to Bruce," doesn't it?
  • Morning!


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