Saturday, April 26, 2014

CWE: "Evil Dead II" (1987)

Summary: A group of students strangers spends the weekend at a cabin in the woods to translate newly found pages from the Book of the Dead, where they awaken something evil. Oh, and Ash is still there, trying to stop it/get away.
  • Rated X? Wow. I thought that I only owned one X-rated movie (It'll show up later! In the M's...), but apparently not.
  • Heh -- the flashbacks manage to cut out nearly the entire cast from the first movie. And completely change the plot, where now it's just him and his girlfriend who end up stumbling onto the cabin where the evil dead are.
  • Kassie DePaiva is in this? I had no idea! She was Blair on "One Life To Live" and will soon be the new Eve on "Days of Our Lives." 
  • And the horrible things done to Bruce Campbell start early!
  • Oh look, he apparently gets possessed but the rising sun ... cures him? OK, sure.
  • There's a lot of Ash's morning after that I didn't remember. I remembered it being more about him trying to stop the next group of kids from getting possessed.
  • Bruce does look older in this one (it was 6 years later) and it quite a bit more rubber-faced.
  • There really is a lot of Ash by himself in this one.
  • Oh, bad stop motion animation. Better or worse than some of the crappy special effects in the first one?
  • Why are her arms so skeletal already? She hasn't been dead for a day. And there's no decomp on her face.
  • Chainsaw!
  • Not terrible double work with Ash coming out of the mirror.
  • Possessed hand!
  • Kassie!
  • Chainsaw! Ash stabs and then cuts off his possessed hand. Lots and lots of blood when he first does it, then surprisingly little when it's just a stump covered in tablecloth and duct tape.
  • The "A Farewell to Arms" joke is terrible.
  • Boomstick!
  • Oh, the FLOOD of blood
  • And we assume that Ash killed everyone, so we throw him in the cellar.
  • This guy has the most '80s hair imaginable.
  • Knowing now what Ted Raimi looks like, it's totally obvious that Possessed Henrietta is him.
  • Green blood is an odd choice.
  • Very unnecessary repeat of the "frightened girl runs through the woods and is assaulted by trees/vines" scene. Although this one is a lot more violent than sexual.
  • HA! It's foreshadowing for the next movie! Clearly a drawing of Ash with the chainsaw on his hand.
  • Oh, Ash is possessed again. Why is he the only one who gets to be cured?
  • Annie has a tiny spot of green blood on her shirt and some red blood on her sleeve after stabbing the non-possessed guy. And she keeps rubbing at it in horror. Like, OK, I get it ... but Ash is literally covered in gore from head to toe.
  • Annie is a terrible heroine. 
  • Oh, now she's covered in blood.
  • You could really just excuse this all by arguing that Ash lost his mind and killed everyone.
  • And the real Ash comes out, seeing the necklace that he gave his dead girlfriend. Again, how does Ash get to get cured and everyone else just gets to die?
  • Hee. Back in the workshop. Chainsaw hand!
  • Groovy.
  • Annie is surprisingly clean given the GIANT GUSHER OF BLOOD that hit her earlier
  • Just read the pages to send away the demons, woman, what are you thinking?
  • There's the Ash we know and love:
  • Giant tree monster with blue blood? OK, why not.
  • So, Ash gets pulled into the vortex but not the unconscious girl on the floor? Or most of the furniture?
  • Knights!


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