Saturday, May 10, 2014

CWE: "Excalibur" (1981)

Summary: King Arthur, Merlin, etc., etc.
  • Man, this movie is one of those guilty pleasures of mine. It must have been on cable a thousand times, and I seem to have watched it every one.
  • Nicol Williamson is amazing as Merlin. So over the top. Love him.
  • Taunting the king about how hot your wife is is probably a bad idea.
  • Ah, young Gabriel Byrne.
  • Creepy little Morgana.
  • Weird rhino helmet. How would that come about, I do wonder.
  • What's with all the headbands? Like, everyone has one.
  • "You must put it back!"
  • OK, so Arthur's just like, "Yep, I'm king." That seems a little ... odd. He spends his life just being a normal guy, acting as squire to his brother, maybe hoping to be a knight some day. Then suddenly he pulls out the sword and he's king and he's not even questioning it? I mean sure, he tells Merlin that he doesn't know how to be king, but he still just accepts it.
  • Oh, the early '80s hair. You just can't avoid it, even in a movie set in the past.
  • "Whoa, like lightning!" Love that line!
  • Hee, Merlin whispering to the horses.
  • Merlin has the best lines. I have to resist just quoting them all. "Too Late."
  • Hey Liam Neeson! I forgot that you were in this!
  • Look! "...the Lady of the Lake, her arms clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water..." Sorry. Can't resist a good Python quote.
  • I do like the ... earthiness of the movie.
  • Hi Helen Mirren!
  • "I protest my innocence!" Wow, that was not a good line reading.
  • What's with the helmet wings?
  • I think I like Guenevere's gold outfit during the duel most of all.
  • People keep asking Merlin to do magic "whatever the cost." It seems like past experience would have taught them all that that's a bad idea.
  • That's a weird metal turret thing Arthur and Merlin are standing on.
  • Mordred in his golden armor. So creepy.
  • I think I prefer this movie before the whole grail quest.
  • OK, I clearly stopped paying much attention at the end. But I've seen this so very many times...


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