Sunday, June 22, 2014

CWE: "Hot Fuzz" (2007)

Skipped: Hannibal (season 1); Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; Homicide: Life on the Streets

Summary: Extremely competent policeman Nicolas Angel is transferred to a small English village where a sinister conspiracy is afoot. Second film in the "Cornetto Trilogy."

  • I very much thought that I didn't own "Shaun of the Dead," the first in this only vaguely connected trilogy. But I do!
  • I cannot remember when and where I first saw this one. I Loved "Shaun," so I guess that I might have seen this one in the theater. I am going to guess that I managed to watch "Spaced" before this one came out (I saw the series after "Shaun" and maybe because of it...).
  • It's funny -- I think this is one of few movies with Simon Pegg in which he plays an extremely competent person. Typically he's an underachiever, at best.
  • Yay for Martin Freeman!
  • Yay for Steve Coogan!
  • Yay for Bill Nighy!
  • Hidden Cate Blanchett!
  • I love the way sound is used in this movie. 
  • Oh, typos make my heart hurt.
  • Yay for Bill Bailey!
  • Oh, I need cake.
  • I really like Simon Pegg in this movie. I'm trying to think of all the other stuff that I've seen him in, and while of course I love "Shaun" and "Spaced" probably more than anything, I really, really like that he's a very different character for most of this movie. I can't think of anything else that I've seen him in where he's been like this.
  • "Morning, Angle."
  • Cornetto sighting!
  • Hah! Angel's face at the closing song in the "play"
  • And the evidence room fills up. With guns.
  • Oh! Rory McCann! The Hound!
  • I forget how graphic this movie is. Have to keep closing my eyes. Especially when the journalist gets killed.
  • And now I'm distracted and just watching.
  • "The Greater Good"
  • It's interesting -- maybe because I'm used to seeing the Hound with Arya, who's a little girl, but when the actor is around normal sized people in this film, it's clear how very large he is.
  • I cannot watch Skinner get impaled. Just ... ack.
  • Does Nick Frost's character nearly die at the end of all these films? I think he does.


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