Saturday, July 05, 2014

CWE: "Iron Man" (2008)

Summary: After being held prisoner and nearly dying in Afghanistan, Tony Stark builds a metal suit and uses it to fight evil.

  • I have unending love for Robert Downey Jr.
  • My first entry that I'm posting to Blogger and Tumblr simultaneously. Well, OK, not simultaneously, since this will be queued on Tumblr and show up in ... over a month from now.
  • Blown up by his own bomb.
  • Why do I keep closing IMDB while I watch? I repeatedly need to reopen it to look things up.
  • Do they not know that he's in Afghanistan? That seems odd to me.
  • No, wait, he's there. Did we skip back in time? I wasn't paying attention.
  • I am indifferent to Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • They've created a club on the plane?
  • Damn it, now I want sushi.
  • OK, back in the present.
  • That would not be pleasant, either the tube up the nose or the battery attached to your chest.
  • Maybe 1/4 of my attention is on this movie, if not less. Not ideal.
  • Interestingly (maybe), this movie is also on FX right now. Two days in a row I've watched something on DVD at about the same time it was on TV (yesterday, "1776" for the Fourth).
  • Oh, I have creative thoughts and ideas that have nothing to do with this movie. I'll wait.
  • Oh, Tony has escaped. Into the desert. Alone.
  • Really? Burger King? I'd go for something a little better for my first cheeseburger.
  • I'd maybe have taken off my rings and watch before sticking my hands in someone's chest.
  • Tony talking to the robots makes me giggle.
  • You can't have a stout tummy and wear the Iron Man suit, that's for sure.
  • Why are there alarms on the cars parked inside his house?
  • They've recovered the suit ... dum dum dum!
  • You know, I appreciate the (granted, limited) sense of reality in this movie: we already know that Tony is an engineer, that he's rich, that he's got the time and the toys to play with. We see him building and testing and failing and trying again. Within the context of this universe, there is a sense of practical reality that I appreciate.
  • Also, warlords are bad. #lessonsfromIronMan
  • "An unfortunate incident during a training exercise..."
  • Ah yes, we learn that Obadiah is the real bad guy.
  • Doesn't he need the electromagnet with the old device?
  • Can I step out of the current movie to say that I hated how "Iron Man 3" ended? I will then.
  • I really like Clark Gregg and Coulson, although I still think of him as Christine's ex-husband.
  • Uh oh ... I've fallen into a Wikihole.
  • I do like the end. "Truth is (pause) I am Iron Man." It's great.


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