Sunday, July 27, 2014

CWE: "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi" (2005)

Summary: Jay and Silent Bob go to Canada to shoot a film at Degrassi High.

Episode 1 ("West End Girls"):
  • OK, my Degrassi history: Once upon a time, The N (formerly "Noggin," now "Teen Nick") used to show Daria. I love Daria. But peppered all through it were commercials for Degrassi (and other shows). I finally caved in. Then watched everything I could get my hands on, including the original series.
  • I haven't watched Degrassi for the past few seasons, but I did keep up with it long past this point. It's so weird to see all the old characters! Paige! JT isn't dead! Principal Raditch! Emma still looks like a normal girl! Craig isn't a total druggy yet!
  • Is Marco not out yet?
  • Oh, Paige being bitchy. She's always bitchy, but develops into a much more realistic person. I always liked her.
  • Ashley! Her, I never liked.
  • Wow, deliberately dropping Paige is just cruel. I don't care how mean she is, trying to get her hurt is awful.
  • Jimmy! It's Drake! OK, I'll stop just saying actor/character names now. He looks sad, in his wheelchair.
  • Ugh. Why is Toby being all creepy? He was a nice guy.
  • Aw, Jimmy wins prom king
Episode 2 ("Going Down The Road"):
  • Alanis Morrisette! OK, I said that I'd stop.
  • Aw, Jimmy is playing basketball in the opening credits. Before he gets paralyzed.
  • I can't remember why Craig hates Spinner and Jay (Degrassi character Jay). I'm guessing it's related to Jimmy's shooting and the bullying...
  • Hee hee hee. Ellie looks ridiculously fake goth.
  • "Ha, you're lying. "Mallrats" is no one's favorite Kevin Smith film."
  • I remember kinda liking Craig when they first introduced him (a very broken character, my fav), but man -- he really becomes a stalkerish jerk very quickly. It's also interesting how he kinda uses the bipolar diagnosis as an excuse. Not to not do things, but "oh, I have bipolar disorder so you won't let me do anything" when actually, having a serious illness that's maybe not completely under control is a darn good excuse for him not to be allowed to go to London by himself for some undetermined amount of time.
  • Everybody thinks Craig is off his meds. I forgot that so much of this series of episodes is about Craig (and Ashley).
  • Caitlin kissing Kevin Smith. Odd.
  • So Craig just stops taking his meds. Gah, kids.
  • Spike! We've seen no Spike or Snake before now. Where is Snake?
  • Craig goes to live in the school boiler room, as you do. And Caitlin is supposed to be a terrible actress.
  • Hey, it's Kevin's wife!
  • "Oh my god, who are you now?"
  • "All I know is that making a movie with a bunch of high school kids? Way worse than making a movie with Ben Affleck."
  • And Craig runs away. Again, I forgot how much of this is about him.
  • Just leave your expensive guitar with the homeless guy, Craig. While you go spend money (that I'm assuming your "terrible" step-father gave you) at the coffee shop. Also, Craig has an honestly terrible father -- physically and emotionally abusive. You'd think he'd know the difference.
  • "Shouldn't you be directing?" "Like I know how to direct."
  • Canadian Ninjas!
  • People keep interrupting filming.
  • Shocking, the guy beats Craig up and steals his guitar. Idiot.
  • Wow, this episode is over an hour long. I'm used to them being much shorter. Oh, actually, maybe it's both parts of this two-part episode.
  • "Who calls himself "Skinny" anyway?" "Who calls himself Snake? Or Wheels?"
  • "Jay and Silent Bob Go To Canada, Eh?" looks truly awful.
  • OK, what's with the rapping at the end? Is that Drake? (I think everything is Drake. It's probably not him.)


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