Sunday, September 14, 2014

CWE: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" (2005)

Skipped: "The Kids In The Hall" seasons 1 and 2

Summary: A thief, a private eye and an actress are brought together by a murder mystery. That's kind of a weak description...

  • Awesome music and noir credits.
  • I also love the on-screen titles.
  • Yay for Robert Downey Jr.!
  • Why are they casting a movie in the middle of the night?
  • Also, great use of voice over. Full of personality and flashbacks.
  • Me: the little girl version of Harmony is great. Oh, look, she's now Alex on "Modern Family"
  • Lots of bras sticking out of Harmony's tiny tops. Never a fan of that look.
  • Deeply scuzzy guy. And then he beats up RDJ, which is entertainingly unexpected.
  • Val Kilmer makes me smile in this movie.
  • I also like how Harry just walks into places -- no waiting in line, no bribing the door man ... just walks in.
  • Sign of a good movie: I keep just watching, not typing.
  • While I could do without the paternalistic attitude, I do appreciate that Harry directly states -- in more than one scene -- that it is never appropriate for a man to touch a woman without her permission.
  • The repeated abuse of the corpse should probably bother me more than it does.
  • I also wish that the movie didn't go to the "eww, gay" place so often, even if Perry is one of the most competent people in the movie by far.
  • "Did I just cut off your finger?" I knew it was coming and covered my eyes in time.
  • Those have to be scenes from "LA Law" right?
  • Oh, his finger again.
  • Man, that apartment. I love love love the mid-century LA look. And the colored circle room divider things are amazing.
  • Oh, god, the dog and the finger. Ack.
  • Also, OK, you've wiped your fingerprints off of things but you're bleeding from the missing finger. I gotta imagine there's DNA there. Although the police might not be looking for blood that doesn't match.
  • And Harry makes sure that Harmony's hand doesn't get caught in the door.
  • I don't like Harry's attitude about Harmony's sexual history.
  • You might want to check if he's breathing before doing mouth-to-mouth.
  • These cell phones are so outdated -- first thing to make a movie look old.
  • Don't hit Perry!
  • The gun thing while hanging off an overpass while holding onto the hand of a corpse is kinda amazing. Also, he was horrified when he shot the first guy, but doesn't seem that bothered by the rest.
  • Hee hee and all the dead people are back. Well, no, but funny.
  • Aww, Perry went back to Indiana with them (to threaten Harmony's father...)
  • I know it's never meant to be, but I would have loved a series of movies about Perry and Harry, solving crimes in LA.


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