Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CWE: "Mad Max" (1979)

OK, I'm actually watching this one with friends and out of order, since I just bought it last weekend. So maybe not a lot of notes. But yay! I remember being utterly confused the first time that I watched it. I'm pretty sure that I saw "The Road Warrior" first, so seeing this one set at the very end of civilization, rather than in the completely post-apocalyptic world, was startling.

  • Is this the dubbed version? I need to hear more of Mel.
  • So. Much. Civilization.
  • Think of "Fury Road". Such a different world. But a logical progression.
  • I think this is Mel's real voice.
  • Oh, the wife is clearly just here to die.
  • Oh, the "Mel Gibson hates Jews" jokes are rife tonight...
  • Did she call the kid "sprogger"? Oh, his name is actually Sprog. That's like naming your child Kid or Baby.
  • Also, it should be noted that I love the phrase "popped a sprog"
  • Jessie lives a lot longer than I remembered. But all the guys are waiting for her to die. And she's slightly better developed, although she's still a terrible parent.
  • I realized 1/2 way through the movie that the actor who plays the Toecutter is also Immorton Joe in "Fury Road".
  • I forgot that Jessie doesn't die right away. She's in the hospital. It's so odd.
  • And then it just ends. OK.


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