Friday, July 10, 2015

"Mr. Robot" - episodes 1-2

Episode 1:
  • 17 minutes into episode 1, I'm pretty much sold.
  • Although I haven't really read many reviews of the show, I did see the beginnings of several. All praised Rami Malek. And they are right - he has completely sucked me in.
  • So, obviously Christian Slater is somebody. Plus, I pulled the show up in IMDB to get Rami Malek's name. 
  • Here's the thing. I've had some beer. And I'm looking around because I feel like one of the reviews that I glanced at compared this show to "Rubicon," which I loved. But I keep missing things and having to pause and rewind. And if I'm willing to rewind, that says a lot.
  • I keep starting and stopping. Probably because I'm easily distracted. And had a very beer that's very high in alcohol. 
  • I feel the strong need to comment on the clear misogyny of this scene, Oh, Angela. Sigh.
  • I so love him for taking the dog.
  • For all his awkwardness, I really really like Elliot.
  • YES. Jeanie Boulet from "ER" - I knew that I knew her. Gloria Reuben
  • Hmmm. Wellick.
Episode 2:
  • Wellick. YES. I have a deep affection for many attractive evil characters.
  • I really love the vaguely '70s credits.
  • I genuinely love Elliot's paranoia.
  • I'm just. Yes. This is a show for me.
  • Interestingly, I fit Elliot into a continuum with Andrew and Ronan. Only here, he's the main character. Maybe less angry but from the same underlying core. 


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